Who made Jessica Alba’s blue handbag and stripe top?

Sweater – Gucci

Purse – Bulgari

Who made Jessica Alba’s black velvet blazer and gold jewelry?

Jacket – Frame

Necklace- Jennifer Meyer

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Who made Jessica Alba’s black sunglasses, gray top, and handbag?

Purse – Bulgari

Sunglasses – Kenmark Eyewear x Gemma Styles

Shirt – The Great

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Who made Jessica Alba’s black print gown, black clutch handbag, platform sandals, and jewelry?

Dress – Valentino

Jewelry – Anita Ko

Shoes and purse – Jimmy Choo

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Who made Jessica Alba’s black blazer, handbag, and white tank top?

Jacket – Veronica Beard

Shirt – L’agence

Purse -Cuyana

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