Who made Angelina Jolie’s black sunglasses, bow ballet flat shoes, dot bow shirt, and gold chain handbag?

908Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Shirt and purse – Saint Laurent

Shoes – Repetto

Barneys New York


similar style purse by the same designer

5 Replies to “Who made Angelina Jolie’s black sunglasses, bow ballet flat shoes, dot bow shirt, and gold chain handbag?”

  1. Okay–not jealous of St Ange, I think Gwen Stefani is far lovelier, so I can honestly say, without any motive of envy, that the St. is not pretty, and despite her money, she also cannot attire herself–at all. She’s boring. Vanilla. Not trying to be cruel.
    But I think we can all discern here that the woman has no style. Yes, she’s charitable and her children are adorable–they are her best accessories, but I cringe when I look at her.
    It’s not a crime to be bereft of style.
    I see no passion with her unlike others, no fun, no expression–in the words of
    Gertrude Stein, “There is no there there.”

  2. keep your opinions to yourself..she has the right to dress the way she likes. She has far more important things on her mind than to think if people like you can see ” passion” through her dressing style. The things that she does need no proof of clothes to show that she has passion. I think she has much more passion about life & other things than you will ever have, except of course the passion for clothes. don’t take clothes so seriously to go as far as judging someone’s personality.

  3. But, hon, we’re on a fashion page–you can’t get any shallower–you included and you’re lecturing me? LOL
    And, yes, I am entitled to my opinion, and so are you. And I, unlike you, I respect your opinion, even though I don’t agree ith your rather rude opinion of me.
    You should take care not to go to bat for Jolie too much, you don’t know her and neither do I. Though you make a good point, don’t judge others based on their choice of clothing, and I am inclined to agree with you, however, I enjoy when personal expression is far more vivid.
    Don’t think, though, that Jolie isn’t making statements with her choice of clothing, she is, and it’s all very sedate.

  4. By the way, sany, thank you for actually reading my comment at all, I thought no one would!! Take care!!

  5. I didnt know that this comment was still there. I had actually tried to delete it because even I found it rude, didn’t realize that when I was writing. Feel sorry that you got to read it. The last part of your comment about passion had not gone well with me.But in simple words just meant to say that sometimes a person’s personality speaks louder than their clothes & I see that in Jolie’s case. Went a little too far in bashing you, I apologize. Agree with you that her clothes make a statement & I would like to call it rather sophisticated than sedate. Of course this is fashion website & everyone has the right to have opinion & yours can be different than mine. Take care.

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