8 Replies to “Who made Kelly Ripa’s blue stripe shirt and gray suede shoes?”

  1. Do you by any chance have another photo of this outfit? We can’t really see the jacket or the handbag, maybe it’s her Alexander Wang bag.

  2. I will try to find another pic. Her jacket and handbag in this picture look green but in other photos they both look black.

  3. if you go to zimbio.com, search for kelly rips, then click on family out for lunch in
    new york city. then you can click on view all thumbnails in the right corner. there are tons of pics from this day. good close ups. I still cannot id her sunglasses, handbag or jacket. I cannot find her top but I have found 2 dresses in that print, Isabel Marant Zaggy.
    There are also tons of pics from LAX!

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