9 Replies to “Who made Olivia Palermo’s white flare skirt, gold belt, net top, white mesh jacket, and green suede lace up pumps that she wore in Melbourne?”

  1. Could you please tell me the name of outfit the lady who is walking alongside Olivia is wearing in this picture? You have cropped her out of course but that jacket and dress is fabulous! The full pic can be seen in daily mail.com

  2. The black jumpsuit lady, the all black clothing with red lipstick lady, or the stripe coat lady? If you could send us a photo that would be really appreciated

  3. Hi, I am so so so thankful I found this site! Love all the work that you guys do and I can tell this is quickly going to become one of my fave places!

    I am DYING to find out where she got that sweater/jacket with gold zipper on August 14. Any luck?


  4. We are still looking for this jacket. We looked at Piperlime, Zara, Topshop etc. Maybe she did make it? She wears a lot of vintage stuff, but we are hoping it still for sale.

  5. Hi… Eileen…. The peplum sweater/jacket that you asked about, is a Zara sweater from last year’s winter season. I had it last year on sale for about 10.- USD! so I think it’s going to be really difficult for you to find it, unless you try ebay or that kind of sites 🙂

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