Tips for getting outfits ID’d

We love getting your emails, our address is

Here are some tips to help us identify your items faster.

1. Photos!!!! The clearer the photo the better chance we have of identifying the outfit (please no tiny photos). For sunglasses and shoes we always appreciate a front and side view. For jeans photos of the back pockets are really appreciated. If the photos are too fuzzy to see the print a written description is always helpful.

2. The name of the person (especially if they aren’t already covered already on our website). If you have the link of the social media origin of the item that is always helpful too.

3. The date and location of the photo. If they photo is older but has a certain designer look to it we start at a designers current season and work backwards, but if we know the photo is from a certain number of years ago it helps us narrow which season to start with.

4. Want the look for less? Just ask! We are always happy to try to help to find similar sold out items or the the look for less.

5. One outfit request per email is also easier for us to keep track of your requests.

6. Know the ID to something?  Please let us know we always appreciate any help.