7 Replies to “Who made Olivia Palermo’s red, white, and blue plaid button down shirt?”

  1. Who made the sunglasses she is wearing with the rails shirt?
    Also, who made her earrings?

  2. We honestly have no clue who made her sunglasses. Do you by any chance have a better photo of them? The only designers that we know that have similar white/black combo is Gucci and Alexander McQueen but her logo isn’t even close to size and shape as either of them.

  3. We added the closest pair of sunglasses we could find. Do you by any chance have a better photo of the earrings? Our photo is too fuzzy to make anything out.

  4. Hello~ so when I click on the popsugur pic, I can see that there’s a pic with olivia and her boyfriend. Do you by any chance have any idea what the white pants are? I’ve tried to search it but can’t seem to find it… please let me kniw if you do! Thanks!!!!

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